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Animal Care Sheets

“Animals are such agreeable friends they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”


-George Eliot 

Owning a pet, big, small or otherwise, is never a decision to make lightly. It is important to be an informed pet shopper and owner. It is unfair to the pets that you take home if you are not fully prepared for them to be a part of your life.


Many potbelly pigs, birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, ferrets and every other pet ends up in shelters because people were not fully prepared to take on the responsibilities needed to give them a meaningful, healthy life.


If you are interested in searching for the perfect small pet to accommodate your lifestyle, personality, budget and living space, you shall not lack options.


Visualize the perfect pet for you, research thoroughly, visit pet stores, breeders, animal shows, and speak to others who have had the pet you have in mind.


You can never have too much information about your future pet, so take your time.

Having a pet can be an enriching, rewarding, exciting and healthy part of your and your pets’ life. Enjoy your little creatures and allow them to be a full part of your family and your life and you will not be disappointed.

A remarkably well written Pet Care Book on 69 different species of animals kept as pets, where they originate from, their behavior, habitat and food sources in the wild, their origins as pets in the pet trade and finally how to care, feed and house them. This Pet Care Book will give you ideas on the kind of pet that’s right for you and how to care for them and may even inspire you into the world of hobby pet keeping. The author has learned from a lifetime of experience with a multitude of pets and is now ready to share those experiences with you;

Here are the pets you will encounter in this book:

=> Teacup Kittens

=> Tiny Dogs

=> Munchkin Cats

=> Potbelly Pigs

=> Guinea Pigs

=> Hamsters 

=> Gerbils 

=> Fancy Rats 

=> Mice  

=> Rabbits   

=> Chinchillas  

=> Degus  

=> Ferrets     

=> Sugar Gliders    

=> Hedgehogs

=> Muntjac Deer  

=> Miniature Horse 

=> Toucans

=> Quaker Parrots

=> Ravens

=> Crows

=> Pionus

=> Parrotlets

=> Macaws 

=> Lovebirds 

=> Eclectus 

=> Doves  

=> Pigeons  

=> Conure  

=> Finches     

=> Cockatiels

=> African Greys    

=> Amazon

=> Caique

=> Canary

=> Cockatoo 

=> Tropical Fish

=> Koi Fish

=> Mexican Walking Fish

=> Gold Fish

=> Glofish

=> Guppies

=> Betta Fish

=> Zebra Danios Fish 

=> Fancy Gold Fish  

=> Pond Fish   

=> Hermit Crabs  

=> Fiddler Crabs 

=> Painted Turtles

=> Red-eared Sliders

=> Ornate Wood Turtles

=> Side-neck Turtles

=> Red Cheeked Mud

=> Red Belly Cooter

=> Neon Tree Dragon

=> Green Anole

=> Leopard Gecko

=> Crested Gecko

=> Bearded Dragon

=> Veiled Chameleon 

=> Panther Chameleon

=> Fire Bellied Newt 

=> Ball Python  

=> Rat Snakes   

=> Kingsnakes 

=> Corn Snakes  

=> Milk Snakes    

=> Whites Tree Frog

=> Pacman Frog    

=> Tomato Frog

=> African Dwarf Frog    

$9.95 to purchase click here:

Your Pet Care Book will be delivered to you instantly via download 
after payment. Worldwide orders accepted 24/7.

* All proceeds from the sell of this book are donated to Heifer International.


"Helping Families Worldwide to Help Themselves"

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