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Destructive Dog Damages

Right to Refuse Service


We reserve the right to refuse service for any and all reasons. That includes (and these have actually happened) yelling and swearing at the staff, attempting to cheat the facility via fraud, attempting to abandon a pet at the facility, attempting to bring a pet in that we suspect or know has a contagious illness, attempting to bring in a friends pet we have banned due to aggression toward staff or other pets, having a pet that is nippy, having an out of control pet that has received no training, the pet is just plain mean, having a pet that has not been fixed male or female, and having a pet that is on the we-do-not-accept breeds list.


Breeds we do not accept

These breeds are documented to be somewhat unpredictable, although these breeds may pass our evaluation as a good pet for the cage-free program there may be times when this breed may have to be separated and a pet parent contacted for immediate pick-up which includes:

  • Pit Bulls;

  • Akitas;

  • Chows;

  • Staffordshire Terriers;

  • Doberman Pinschers;

  • German Shepherds;

  • Rottweilers;

  • Siberian Huskies;

  • Tibetan Mastiffs;

  • Great Danes;

  • Perro de Presa Canario;

  • Alaskan Malamutes;

  • Wolf-hybrids;


List of Banned Dogs and their owners:

  • Saghani: Tibetan Mastiff, owner: Sara K.              (agressive towards other pets)

  • Atka: Tibetan Mastiff, Owner: Sara K.      (destroyed facility property)

Atka the Tibetan Mastiff,

chewed company shuttle seat

Banned June 2016

Outcome: owner canceled services demanded a refund so she could reimburse the facility with the refund.

Mean Dogs!

Bad Dogs!

Repeat offenders!


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