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We Are Looking for Excellence


We have exciting opportunities for unique individuals looking to pair their love and knowledge of animals with their proven ability and skills to deliver “best in class” animal care.


We are currently seeking unique individuals for these departments:

Animal Care Technician;


Our Animal Care Technicians are responsible for providing care for pets boarding with Dragonfly.

Animal Care Technician’s walk pets to outside exercise areas; Engaging pets in play activities;

Providing pets with a continuous supply of fresh water; Cleaning and sanitizing pet enclosures

and exercise yards; Recording accurate information on the activities of each pet.

If you think you can be a unique Animal Care Technician - CLICK HERE

Kennel Technician;


Our Kennel Technicians are responsible for supervising and managing large numbers of pets

playing together off­leash. Each day the daycare department accepts arriving dogs, cats, birds.

The Techs continually observes and monitors the pets behavior around the other participating

pets; Provides fresh water; Engages the pets in play and returns the happy pets to their owners

at the end of the day. The Kennel Technician also cleans cages and maintains the daycare facility.

If you think you can be a unique Kennel Technician - CLICK HERE

Shuttle Driver;


7:00am till 1:00pm AND 1:00pm till 7:00pm Monday through Friday, Dragonfly’s Shuttle Driver must

have a class D driver’s license; Enjoy working around animals; Be physically fit to lift, bend, and

squat (50 pound lifting requirement), duties include picking up our clients pets from work or home and

dropping them back off at the end of their grooming or daycare time. Assist the front desk receptionist

as needed with pet check-ins.

If you think you can be a unique Shuttle Driver - CLICK HERE



Dragonfly Groomers are responsible for providing pet quality and breed standard cuts; Providing

professional bathing and spa services; Discussing and documenting clients’ grooming requests and

preferences; Promoting grooming services to current and potential clients.

If you think you can be a unique Groomer - CLICK HERE

Hygienist / Bather;


Dragonfly hygienist is responsible for providing professional quality bathing and drying; Cleaning

pets’ ears and clipping or grinding their nails; Maintaining a clean, safe and sanitary environment

for the pets; Maintaining the grooming equipment; and providing assistance to the Groomers.

If you think you can be a unique Hygienist/Bather - CLICK HERE



Our Trainers are responsible for evaluating the training needs and goals of our clients’ pets,

recommending the appropriate programs and implementing the techniques necessary to achieve

those desired goals. They provide a variety of training methods including group classes; Private

lessons and custom designed programs. Our trainers communicate regularly with clients to provide

updates on their pet’s progress and offer support to help the client reinforce those skills so the

learning continues with their pet.

If you think you can be a unique Trainer - CLICK HERE



Dragonfly's Front Desk Staff is responsible for taking good care of our clients and coordinating the services

they request for their pet companions. Front desk staff answer incoming phone calls; Assist clients

with reservations; Help clients choose specific service options for their pets; Enter client and pet data

in the computer system and schedule tours of the facility.

If you think you can be a unique Receptionist - CLICK HERE

Animal Care Supervisor;


Our Supervisors are responsible for daily operations of our cottage facility. They supervise

the activities of the Animal Care and Kennel Technicians, administer medications; Inspect arriving

and departing pets; Communicate with clients; and ensure the health and safety of the pets who

stay with us each day.

If you think you can be a unique Animal Care Supervisor - CLICK HERE

Animal Dietition;


Our Animal Dietitian is responsible for the varied nutritional needs of the different species of pets

boarded at Dragonfly, they formulate balanced rations, nutritional and caloric requirements to ensure

that dietary needs are met for the animals under their supervision.

If you think you can be a unique Animal Dietitian - CLICK HERE

Building Maintenance Technician;


Our Building Maintenance Technician inspects; Maintains; Repairs; and replaces building mechanicals

and electrical systems. They work with access control systems; Building heating and refrigeration systems;

Fire detection and protection systems; and other building mechanical and electrical systems.

They are also responsible for landscaping and maintaining the grounds of the facility using hand or

power tools and facility equipment. Building Maintenance Technicians typically perform a variety of tasks,

which may include any combination of the following: Sod laying; Mowing; Trimming; Planting; Watering;

Fertilizing; Digging; Raking.

If you think you can be a unique Building Maintenance Technician - CLICK HERE



Thank you for your interest in Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding, However; we have found that in the past, many applicants have had an unrealistic view of what working in a pet kennel/daycare involves. 


Please Read Carefully Before Applying for Employment:


First, understand the primary purpose of this facility is to care for other people’s pets when they go to work or on vacation. This means, during summer and all holidays are our busiest times. THERE WILL NOT BE TIME OFF DURING THESE PERIODS! Consider this important fact. If you need to spend CHRISTMAS or other Major Holidays with your family, this may not be the job for you. In addition, this business is seasonal in nature, you can expect work hours and days to vary according to facility needs. The pets must be cared for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so weekend work and evening work is a probability. We realize working under these conditions can be pretty difficult for some people, but that is the nature of the business and your DEPENDABILITY in this area is critical. If you don’t think you can be flexible, you should reconsider employment in an animal care facility. 


You must have a genuine love for animals, but keep in mind that we are seeking people who are mature and understand the responsibilities we will place on them. You will NOT be paid to sit around and play with puppies and kittens all day. You will be responsible for cleaning up after them, feeding them, administering medications and seeing to their comfort and security. This requires a lot of hard work, maturity and dedication. 


When working around animals you will be exposed to: filth, loud noises, cleaning chemicals, a variety of parasites and zoonoses (medical ailments that people can acquire from animals) and the ever present risk of being bitten, scratched or mauled. These are the potential hazards you face and accept when working with animals. 


You should also consider--with very few exceptions--there are NO specialists at Dragonfly Boarding. You will be expected to perform any task required of you. We will try to make the best use of your skills and experience, but don’t expect to be exempt from the more mundane and unpleasant chores that need to be performed. Floors need to be mopped, cages cleaned, trash cans emptied, and feces picked up. If you feel ill at the thought of cleaning up diarrhea or vomit, then animal care is not for you. You may be asked to lift a 50 pound bag of animal food by yourself, if this is a problem for you, please reconsider applying for employment. If you are allergic to animal hair or dander, are sensitive to chemicals, now is the time to reconsider submitting an application. 


We are looking for mature, patient, reliable, intelligent, responsible and capable of independent action individuals. 


We take this profession of animal care very serious, if you wish to work with Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding, then you must too. When you are ready to make this commitment, then please proceed by downloading this                                                                further instructions will be enclosed.



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