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Facility Policies


Our New Client On-Boarding Process

Once we have your completed pet profile forms, we will arrange a Temperament Evaluation that will take approximately 1 ½ hours and will involve our Pet Care Staff evaluating your pet’s behavior around people and other pets to determine if he or she is well-suited to participate in daycare or cage-free boarding. At that time, our Pet Care Staff will meet your pets and talk to you about specifics of your visit.


Required Forms

Depending on the type of service you desire, you will be asked to fill out a pet profile service agreement for Boarding, Daycare, Training, Field Trips and or Grooming. Your specific Agreement must be signed before services may be rendered.


Our Payment Policy

We require all clients to pay for their pets scheduled visits in advance with a credit card, cash, traveler’s checks, gift card or money order (sorry we do not accept personal checks). 


Grooming Services

Payment is due for all grooming services at the salon when service is rendered. Mobile grooming clients must pay 50% of their expected invoice total via credit card when making their appointment. Cancellations within 24 hours before the day and time of a mobile grooming appointment will cause the 50% advanced payment to be forfeited.


Our Pet Care Specialist Technicians

All of our staff, full‐ and part‐time, undergo a background check. If there is anything in a prospective client’s background that may pose a risk to you, your pet, or our company, they will not be hired.


General Policies

Appointments must be made directly with our office reception staff. Please do not make appointments with our Pet Care Staff directly. Our facility has well‐developed processes in place to ensure that there will be an open space in the program for all scheduled Boarding, Training, Field Trips, Grooming or Daycare appointments that are made when they are supposed to occur. Dragonfly cannot be held liable in the event that you make an appointment directly with our Pet Care Staff and there is no space for the visit.



You must sign a Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding agreement to receive Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, Field Trips or Training Services. We cannot provide service without a signed Agreement on file. This Agreement protects both you and the facility in the event of a mishap.



Dragonfly recognizes several holidays each year: 


  • New Year’s Day;

  • Memorial Day weekend;

  • Independence Day;

  • Labor Day weekend;

  • Thanksgiving Day;

  • Christmas Day;


On these holidays, our offices are closed, but we will continue care of all pets booked in the facility prior to these holidays. 


Pet Illness or Injury

We will immediately take your pet to the veterinary care facility listed on your Client/Pet Profile in our electronic system. Dragonfly will pay up to $250.00 on your behalf to initiate care of your pet. Any monies paid on your behalf will be due and payable when the pet is picked up from boarding/training/field trip/daycare. We will then contact you to ask your preference for your pet’s care. If we cannot reach you, we will allow veterinary care according to the advice of the veterinarian.


Inclement Weather Policy

Dragonfly follows the inclement weather policy of the – if the National Weather Service, Alaska Region has forecasted inclement weather, all walks and field trips are cancelled and credited to the following week. Our indoor play time will be made as normal as possible despite any inclement weather, potty-breaks will be redirected to our indoor atriums. For days with snow and ice, please be advised all walks are on a day by day notice.


Cancellations/Late Appointments

We charge a $10 late cancellation fee for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment day and time. There are no cancellation fees or late appointment fees for appointments cancelled within 48 hours or earlier.


Dragonfly Loyalty Rewards & Pet Passport Programs

At Dragonfly Pet Boarding we appreciate our loyal clients and have designed several reward programs as our way of saying “thanks for your support!”


Loyalty Rewards Points  

You will automatically accumulate loyalty rewards points every time your pet uses one of our services. With each boarding stay or full spaw package you will be awarded .5 loyalty reward points for every dollar spent. After 1000 loyalty reward points earned you will receive a $24 credit on your account to be applied to your next boarding visit.


The Basics

  • Call to book your pets boarding stay;

  • Use loyalty points like cash for free nights;

  • Drop off your pet and go;

Terms & Conditions

Subject to availability. Must book early during holidays (we fill up fast). Must have boarded before and joined loyalty program prior to checking in. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Points awarded on completed stays only.


Pet Passport 

In addition to Loyalty Rewards Points, pets who board with us will be issued a Pet Passport at the end of their first stay. This souvenir keepsake will be complete with personalized pet information, picture and Visa stamp. You will then be awarded an additional Visa stamp with each boarding stay. Your pet can receive free rewards points, pet bucks, free nights, grooming discounts, goods and services once 20 stamps are collected. Please ask at our office reception staff for current passport rewards offered.


Express Departure Service Available

Dragonfly Pet Boarding offers Express Departure Service for all boarding pets. Have your pet at the front lobby ready to go with payment and paperwork already completed when you show for pick-up, it’s as easy as 1,2,3;


  • Ask for Express Departure Service at time of reservation or at check-in and we will securely scan your credit card to be kept on file;

  • Call our office 15 minutes prior to your arrival so we can prepare your pet for departure;

  • Enjoy a happy reunion with your pet and head home;


Late Pick-Up Fees

If your pet is not picked-up by closing time 6:00pm, a late pick-up charge will be assessed at $5.00 for every 15 minutes, or fraction thereof, past the closing time. If your pet is not picked up within 60 minutes after closing 7:00pm, your pet will be boarded for the night (and given dinner) in which case you will be able to pick them up the next day at the standard overnight boarding charges of $24, boarding policies will apply. Late fees and overnight boarding costs must be paid in full upon pick-up.


Den Boarding

If your pet is not accepted into the cage-free program for any reason, we offer Den Boarding as an option regardless of breed, provided their vaccinations are sufficient for overnight stays. In Den Boarding, dogs are given a regular overnight boarding run for the day and they can be scheduled for nature walks, off-leash playtimes with a Pet Care Staff or one-on-one cuddles (we do not accept aggressive pets of any breed).

Dirty Dogs

A dirty dog is a dog that runs through its feces immediately after they defecate, or defecates and urinates in the inside run or on its bedding. When we are aware that a dog is a "dirty dog" we will do our best to keep him clean by limiting his freedom to the outside run. However, should a dirty dog begin to stink up the facility we will bathe the dog at the owner's expense. Also, should a dirty dog soil another client’s pets bedding we will launder it at the dirty dogs owner's expense. We make every effort to keep our facility clean and odor free, therefore, should a client drop off a dog that is overdue for a bath, and should said dog cause an unpleasant odor in our facility, we will bathe the dog at the owner's expense.

Fence Fighters

A fence fighter is a dog that lunges, jumps, and barks at other dogs housed in the adjacent areas. Fence fighters also grab the fencing with their teeth and stick their noses through the chain links. Sometimes this behavior is playful and sometimes it is aggressive. When we encounter fence fighters we do the best that we can to control this behavior. For example, we may limit the dog's freedom or move the dog to another area less inhabited. It is generally not possible to completely eliminate the behavior; therefore, should a fence fighter break a tooth, scratch its nose, or in any way injure itself, Dragonfly will not be held liable. Furthermore, clients who board dogs with us that are fence fighters will be held liable for all damage caused to our facility and any injury that the dog may inflict upon itself while engaging in this behavior.

Fence Climbers & Jumpers

Clients who board dogs that jump or climb fences must inform us at the time that reservations are made, and again when the dog is dropped off, as special arrangements must be made to house these dogs. We will not be held liable should the dog escape when clients fail to provide us with this information during reservations AND when the dog is checked-in. Dogs that climb or jump fences shall not be provided with the “cage-free” service as cage-free entails limited supervision.

Destructive Dogs

Clients who board dogs with us that are destructive will be held liable for all damage caused to our facility or shuttle and any injury that the dog may inflict upon itself while engaging in destructive behaviors. This policy is applied to any and all destructive dogs regardless of the reason for destruction. That is, whether the dog has Separation Anxiety, Fear of Thunderstorms, or any phobia or generalized escape behavior. In addition, when clients provide us with a veterinarian prescribed sedative for their dogs to help to prevent escape behaviors, we will not be held responsible or liable should the sedative not be given in time to prevent destruction or injury! Although we will allow dogs with these problems to be boarded at our facility, clients must agree to this policy and BOARD AT THEIR OWN RISK!


Age and Spay/Neuter Requirements

Puppies must have completed their initial series of puppy shots (DHLPP series, Bordetella and Rabies), and dogs must be spayed or neutered if over six months of age. Kittens must have completed their initial series of kitty shots (FELV, FVRCP, and Rabies), and cats must be spayed or neutered if over six months of age.


Potty Breaks

Our daycare includes both indoor and outdoor spaces (where our guests can go potty). Most of the time pets will be allowed to roam between indoor and outdoor areas.


Leashes, Collars, Tags

All dogs must wear a quick release collar with a nametag while in daycare. When arriving and departing, all dogs must be on fixed length leashes (i.e. no retractable leashes).  All cats and small exotic pets must be in a pet carrier for drop off or pick-ups.


Flea Control

All pets must be on a regular flea control program. If we see fleas or ticks on your pet, we reserve the right to administer and charge for a flea and tick bath during his/her visit


Fecal Tests

We require a clear fecal test completed no earlier than 14 days prior to your pet’s first visit and a clear fecal test every six months thereafter.


Canine Cough

Unfortunately, canine cough is a possibility anywhere dogs congregate including kennels, daycares, groom shops and even dog parks despite everyone’s best efforts to prevent it. Canine Cough acts very much like a cold or flu in people. Canine cough is caused by many different airborne viruses and bacteria and the Bordetella vaccine is effective against only the most common strains. Therefore, a dog can come down with canine cough even if it is fully vaccinated. We require Bordetella be administered every six months for daycare and annually for overnight boarding. The symptoms for canine cough are very similar to the human cold (coughing, sneezing and nasal discharge) and we strongly ask all clients to not bring their dog to daycare (or overnight boarding) if they are exhibiting any of those symptoms. Fortunately, just like the human cold, canine cough usually runs its course without complications, however, a veterinarian should be consulted. The front office can provide additional information on canine cough, inquire with the front office Pet Care Specialist for more information. 



If we notice, during your pet’s visit, any symptoms of illness your pet will be removed from the group and quarantined (such as canine cough or other contagious illness) we will notify you to pick up your pet as soon as possible.


Feeding While in Daycare

If you want your pet fed or to receive medications while in daycare, you may bring the food or medicine and provide us with appropriate instructions.



Our Pet Care Staffs most important goal is to maintain a calm and reasonably quiet facility environment but injuries, while rare, can still occur. In that event, we will notify you of the problem, and provide on-site care or transport for veterinarian care as in our opinion is most appropriate.


Refund Policy

There are no refunds or returns on any products, packages, daycare, field trips, training or boarding stays, unless Dragonfly Pet Boarding is at fault, i.e. booked wrong date for services, overbooked and there was no space. If you have paid up front for any of our services and have a change of plans, decide you no longer want our services, need to cancel, or the facility has deemed your pet is banned due to aggression/extensive damages/excessive escapes a credit will be issued. All credits will remain on the account to be used at a future date.



  • All pets at Dragonfly must be healthy and free of any contagious illnesses. If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms that may suggest illness such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny eyes or nose, vomiting, lethargy, or diarrhea, please do not bring your pet to Dragonfly. We are happy to refer ill pets to local veterinarians that board pets.

  • All guests must be on an active flea and tick preventative. Pets with flea or tick problems will be bathed at the owner’s expense. 


  • See list of pet brand foods we serve. If you are feeding your pet something different, please bring it (stored in a re-sealable container or bag) as changing food can cause severe upset stomach.

  • All dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in carriers, all other pets must be in carriers when entering or leaving the facility please! 



  • Please bring a copy of vaccinations with you, or have your vet fax them to us at 800-308-3901 prior to attending an interview or boarding with Dragonfly:

  1. Required – Dogs: Rabies (3 yr. or 1 yr.), DHPP (1 yr.), and Bordatella (6 months);

  2. Required – Cats: Rabies, FVRCP (both 1 year vaccines);

  3. Required – Exotic Pets: Current Fecal test;



We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Money Order, Traveler’s Check, facility Gift Certificates, Cashier’s Check, Cash, online payments via PayPal or Google Wallet. Please note we do not accept personal checks. Payment is due upon drop-off of your pet.



For the safety and comfort of all of our guests, we are unable to accommodate visitors during boarding or daycare. We are happy to send an email update with a photo for owners or family members wanting to check in with their pets.


Bedding and Toys

Dragonfly provides each overnight guest with comfortable, elevated bedding and blankets, so please leave your pet beds at home. You are welcome to bring your own treats and any toys your pet may enjoy, however we cannot guarantee that they will be returned in the same condition.


Any pet that is not called for within twenty-one (21) days of the scheduled pickup time, and the owner/agent does not notify our facility of extended boarding, shall be deemed abandoned. We shall dispose of pets that are abandoned publicly, privately, or otherwise.


Our facility shall have, and is hereby granted, a lien on the pet for any and all unpaid charges and the owner or agent shall remain liable for complete boarding/daycare/training/grooming fees as well as other charges incurred in the care, maintenance, and disposal of said pet. Our facility may exercise its lien rights upon the first day if we are aware of an abandonment. The owner specifically waives all statutory or legal rights to the contrary.

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