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Right to Refuse Service


We reserve the right to refuse service for any and all reasons. That includes (and these have actually happened) yelling and swearing at the staff, attempting to cheat the facility via fraud, attempting to abandon a pet on facility property, attempting to bring a pet in that we suspect or know has a contagious illness, attempting to bring in a friends pet we have banned due to aggression toward staff or other pets, having a pet that is nippy, having an out of control pet that has received no training, having a pet that has not been fixed male or female, and having a pet that is on the

we-do-not-accept breeds list.


Breeds we do not accept

These breeds are documented to be somewhat unpredictable, although these breeds may pass our evaluation as a good pet for the cage-free program there may be times when this breed may have to be separated and a pet parent contacted for immediate pick-up which includes:


  • Pit Bulls;

  • Akitas;

  • Chows;

  • Staffordshire Terriers;

  • Doberman Pinschers;

  • German Shepherds;

  • Rottweilers;

  • Siberian Huskies;

  • Tibetan Mastiffs;

  • Great Danes;

  • Perro de Presa Canario;

  • Alaskan Malamutes;

  • Wolf-hybrids;


However; for either excluded or unpredictable breeds Dragonfly’s den boarding will be an excellent alternative to open daycare (we do not accept aggressive pets of any breed). Other breeds and temperaments are welcome in our cage-free Daycare and cage-free overnight boarding provided they pass our Temperament Evaluation Test.


Dragonfly FAQ


What is pet daycare?


Pet daycare is an environment where pets are dropped off for the day to play with other pets in a fun, safe, well-supervised and clean environment.

Daycare at Dragonfly has many benefits including:

  • Regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight;

  • Relieve boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home;

  • Improve socialization skills with other pets and people;

  • Enhance quality of life;


What do the pets do all day?

The pets are placed in indoor/outdoor play areas where they can socialize and play with other pets. At your request, your pet can participate in specialized art projects, craft events, games, and holiday socials. They are separated by size, temperament, and activity level. If a pet is tired, they can take a nap in the doggy pod. Every day there is quiet time when all pets take a short nap in the middle of the day.

While my dog is boarding with you, will he be taken out for walks?

Dragonfly provides all-day play for those who prefer romping around with their friends, one of our trained pet care staff will play, run, pet, and cater to the needs of your pet in our large play areas with small walks for the more laid back and senior pets. We also offer “dogs day out” nature hikes program, inquire with the receptionist staff.

Do you provide outdoor play areas?

Yes. Our location has both indoor and outdoor play areas.


What makes you different than a traditional kennel?

Dragonfly provides all-day play with other pets so your pet has lots of fun and gets a lot of exercise during the day. Many "traditional" kennels typically leave the pets in a cage most of the day, or they may be let out briefly or placed in an outdoor run a couple of times a day. The pets at traditional kennels usually do not interact with other pets. Our pet expert designed a thorough process to ensure pets can play safely in a group setting and not have to be stuck in a kennel.

How do you justify your prices?

Dragonfly provides a fun, social environment for our pet friends, and safety is our main priority. We have a stringent pet-to-staff policy that ensures the safety of the pets. Daycare is included in the price of all of our boarding rates, and our pricing is all-inclusive. We will feed high quality facility food or your own food at no extra charge, give them their medication and provide nighttime treats. Access to email updates or PetChatz is also included, so you can always be up-to-date on your fur baby while you are away!

Is there a discount for multiple pets?

Our location offers multiple pet discounts if the pets are able to get along and we do not have to separate them. Check the "amenities" page to determine the rates for multiple pets.

Do you offer a discount for extended stays?

Yes, we offer discounts for extended stays. Check the "Amenities" page, or call Dragonfly for more information. Whether it is day 1 or day 20 for your pet, they will get the same love and attention from our staff.

Can you provide my pet his/her medications, is there a charge?

Yes, we will provide your pet's medications there is an extra charge of $2. For your pet’s safety, medication must be in the original bottle and the prescription must be current.

Can I take a tour?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Stop by your local Dragonfly Pet Boarding Facility anytime during business hours and ask for a tour. Although an appointment will insure there will be available staff to show you around.

Can any pet come in for pet daycare or boarding?

No. All dogs/equine must first complete an evaluation with our staff so we can see how they interact with other dogs/equine, staff and in our environment. If your pet is under 4 months of age, please give us a call for information regarding boarding and daycare. Must be current on their Rabies, Bordetella, Parvo and Distemper/equine vaccinations, flea/tick free, friendly to other pets and people, and generally love to play. All other exotic pets must be in good health.


Dragonfly has an all-day play environment, so pets must be able to:


  • ·         Play safely in a large group;

  • ·         Each dog must first complete an interview process so we can see how they interact with other dogs;

  • ·         They must be over 4 months old;

  • ·         They must be spayed or neutered by 7 months or older;

  • ·         They must be current on their puppy shots or kitten shots;

  • ·         They must be in good health, flea/tick free;

  • ·         They must be friendly to all pets, and generally love to play;

What is the Temperament Evaluation?

We built our facility on improving the lives of our furry friends. When creating policies for our facility, we first and foremost consider the safety, health and happiness of our guest, second, the wishes of our human clients, and third, the welfare of our well-respected and highly regarded name. Our Facility has an incredible safety record and we hold our staff to the highest standards in caring for our guest. Our strict policies are a key reason clients are so loyal to our facility.

We have a very stringent application and interview process for our pet guests – all dogs must pass this before entering our group play environments. Our staff go through extensive training in pet behavior, play yard monitoring techniques and evaluating pets based on capabilities to adapt and enjoy our open-play environments. 

We work with several experts in pet behavior to create techniques designed to evaluate each pet on an individual basis. Our staff are continuously educated and recertified to learn the best techniques on evaluating and monitoring pets at daycare.

They are certified to evaluate pets using some of the following techniques:


  • ·         Hands-on meet-and-greet to evaluate pet’s response to physical touch;

  • ·         One-on-one introduction with other regular dogs;

  • ·         Slow introduction into open-play environment;

  • ·         Ongoing temper evaluations during every visit to daycare;

What happens during a Temperament Evaluation?

The interviews normally last about an hour and a half to give us time to get to know your pet and to give your pet time to play in a group environment and see if they enjoy it. At Dragonfly, the initial interview day is always free. The interview consists of us starting off by checking your pet over to ensure they are comfortable being handled. This is a time for the staff to get to spend a little time getting to know your pet and making sure they aren’t nervous around different people. We will also look your pet over for any possible issues such as fleas and ticks and for any existing injuries that may worsen when playing with other pets.

Other pets will be introduced into the interview area one at a time to see how your pet interacts with other pets. After our staff are confident that your pet feels secure in the environment, your pup - along with their new friends - will be introduced into the appropriate play area based on their size, temperament, and activity level. 

Why do you require an interview?

Since Dragonfly is an open play environment where they will be in a large social group with other pets, we want to ensure they are able to handle it. This ensures your pet's safety, and also the safety of all of our daycare friends. In our social environment, it is extremely important that all dogs can play with other dogs nicely so we can keep the play yards safe and fun. The interview process also allows us to introduce your pet into the general play areas slowly so that we do not over stimulate your pet.

Do you turn away dogs based on their breed?

Yes, below is a list of breeds we may have to turn away. These breeds are documented to be somewhat unpredictable and there may be times when this breed may have to be separated and a pet parent contacted for immediate pick-up which include:


  • Pit Bulls;

  • Akitas;

  • Chows;

  • Staffordshire Terriers;

  • Doberman Pinschers;

  • German Shepherds;

  • Rottweilers;

  • Siberian Huskies;

  • Tibetan Mastiffs;

  • Great Danes;

  • Perro de Presa Canario;

  • Alaskan Malamutes;

  • Wolf-hybrids;


What is your minimum age for boarding a pet?

Our primary concern is the welfare of our guests. For this reason, our minimum boarding age for dogs, cats, and ferrets is 4 months, for mini equine it is between 4 and 5 months. It is generally recommended that all pets get their first round of “adult” shots at 12 weeks (including rabies), and the second round at 16 weeks. Additionally, in any boarding environment, young pets could possibly be exposed to air-borne viruses it could not fight off. Our recommendation is to board all young pets at your veterinarian's office until they have reached our minimum age requirement.

What vaccinations are required?

Our Facility requires Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper. We require the Bordetella vaccination to be administered every 6 months.

Do pets ever get hurt?

Although we do our best to minimize any injury to your pet, during normal play a pet may get small scratches, nicks, and lose small patches of fur. Although rare, it is possible for more serious injuries to occur.

What do you do in case of illness or injury?

All of our staff are certified in pet first aid and CPR and we will take excellent care of your pet. In case of illness or injury, we quickly assess the situation to determine what plan of action to take. Our concern is always what is best for our pet guest. Depending on the situation, we will rush the pet to the closest vet.

Will my pet like this environment?

Every pet is different, but our interview process is designed to assess whether your pet enjoys this environment. At the end of the interview day, we provide a report card and are there to talk to you about how your pet interacted with the other pets and if they enjoyed their time with us. We want your pet to be happy as much as you do and promise to be honest with you if we feel this isn't the best possible environment for your pet.

I have an older pet, will they enjoy this environment?

This will depend on your pet. We have many senior pets who love the interaction with other pets or staff. The interview process will also help us, and you, determine if our environment is right for your pet. Our Staff are constantly evaluating each pet's behavior, and if they view your pet as overwhelmed or tired they will place your pet in one of our spacious dens for a short nap.

This is an environment that has both large and small pets, is it safe for my smaller pet to be there?

For the safety of the smaller pets, we separate them into our play areas based on size, temperament, and activity level.

Why is my pet tired when he/she comes home?

This is one of the great benefits of Daycare! Your pet gets to play all day so, naturally, they are tired at the end of the day. Often, when you take your pet home, they will curl up and go to sleep. Rest assured if your pet becomes overly tired during the day, we will take them to a den for a short nap. We will not force a pet to get up from a nap if they are still sleeping. Many of our furry friends who stay for extended periods of time choose to take longer naps.

Are there nap times?

We require a mid-day quiet time, many of our guest enjoy a nap or quiet time. 

Why is my pet thirsty when he/she comes home?

Water is available at all times in all of our play areas, dens and cottages. Playing hard all day is just as strenuous as working out. Even though water is available, after a car ride home, it will probably be time for your pet to drink more water to help re-hydrate after a hard day of play.

Does someone stay with the pets overnight?

Our Facility has monitored security, fire, and temperature control alarms and there is always staff available onsite 24 hours a day.

Should I bring anything for my pet’s stay, do I need to bring my own pet food?

We strongly suggest bringing your pet’s food from home to keep their stomach from getting sick during their stay. We will happily feed your pup our food, but it is best for them to not change foods rapidly. If you would rather we feed your pet our food, there is no extra charge.

We will provide treats, a comfy cot or cozy fleece. If you wish to bring toys, bedding, or anything else that will help make your pet feel more at home, we can certainly accommodate this.

Do I need to make a reservation?

For daycare and overnight boarding, we need a reservation, and it would be best to make a reservation as soon as you know you will need one. Depending on the time of year, we can often accommodate short notice or same day notice (if your pet has previously completed the temperament process). Please be aware that holidays such as Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend and Christmas book several weeks or months in advance. Keep in mind during the summer months, our Facility can fill up early for weekends.

How do I make a reservation?

You can call Dragonfly during business hours, or request a reservation online through the website, a receptionist staff member will reach out to you to confirm your online reservation request.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy, so please call ahead if you need to change your reservation.

Should I feed my pet before going to daycare?

It is best to have your pet eat a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to coming to daycare to prevent bloat. Bloat can be caused from playing too soon after eating, and it can be deadly. If your pet ate less than 1.5 hours before coming to daycare, please let one of the Staff know for the safety and       well-being of your pet.

Is there a specific kind of collar my pet must wear to come to Daycare?

Yes, Dragonfly requires that all pets wear a quick release collar with an ID tag including your name and phone number.

My pet’s paws are very sensitive after his/her stay with Dragonfly, did something happen to my pet’s feet?

It is very common that your pet's pads will be sore after playing at daycare, especially when they first start coming. Most pet’s paws are not used to playing all day, but rest assured it is only temporary and they will build stronger pads the more they visit daycare.

Do you offer baths and grooming services?

Yes our Facility does offer grooming services, just book a quick grooming service when you drop your pet off at the front desk so you can pick up a clean and fresh smelling pup after their stay.

Why do you prefer that pets be spayed or neutered?

Intact male dogs tend to be more aggressive and interested in marking the territory (facility) with urine throughout continuously, and they take it upon themselves to try and mate with any females they come across in the area. Intact females tend to draw upon themselves males that want to mate even if the intact female does not wish it. When and if the intact female comes into heat, all males will bark excessively until they either mate or she is removed from the facility. Intact females have been known to try and escape to find a mating male, which causes the facility to be on alert and keep the intact female locked away in a run for extensive periods of time. So please no intact pets – horses, cats, dogs, ferrets.


How can I be sure that the boarding areas and daycare play space is clean, odor & disease free, comfortable and safe?

Dragonfly Pet Boarding & Daycare is licensed and inspected by the State regularly. We clean and disinfect daily the daycare play areas, overnight boarding areas, and clean up after each pet regardless of how many are with us.


Can my pet catch a disease by being boarded with other pets?

Your pet can catch a disease or virus when exposed to any pets anywhere animals congregate i.e. pet parks, pet stores or veterinary clinics. The risk is, however, quite low, and virtually eliminated when facilities require advance vaccinations such as Dragonfly does, to ensure a healthy population of boarded guests. Additionally, Dragonfly’s high sanitation standards and quality living conditions are vitally important to ensuring an absence of disease.


Dragonfly Boarding’s modern sanitation procedures, air flow system, required vaccinations, cottage construction, and staff training programs all help to create a healthy, safe and secure environment for your pet when they are in our care. You may have heard “horror stories” of poor treatment and conditions at kennels in the past...We have taken great pains to ensure that all Dragonfly Boarding pets are provided with first-class, highly sanitary environment that dispel any fears you might have about boarding your pets with us.

What is a dirty dog?

A dirty dog is a dog that runs through its feces immediately after they defecate, or defecates and urinates in the inside run or on its bedding. When we are aware that a dog is a "dirty dog" we will do our best to keep him clean by limiting his freedom to the outside run. However, should a dirty dog begin to stink up the facility we will bathe the dog at the owner's expense. Also, should a dirty dog soil another client’s pets bedding we will launder it at the dirty dogs owner's expense. We make every effort to keep our facility clean and odor free, therefore, should a client drop off a dog that is overdue for a bath, and should said dog cause an unpleasant odor in our facility, we will bathe the dog at the owner's expense.


What if my dog is a fence fighter?

A fence fighter is a dog that lunges, jumps, and barks at other dogs housed in the adjacent areas. Fence fighters also grab the fencing with their teeth and stick their noses through the chain links. Sometimes this behavior is playful and sometimes it is aggressive. When we encounter fence fighters we do the best that we can to control this behavior. For example, we may limit the dog's freedom or move the dog to another area less inhabited. It is generally not possible to completely eliminate the behavior; therefore, should a fence fighter break a tooth, scratch its nose, or in any way injure itself, Dragonfly will not be held liable. Furthermore, clients who board dogs with us that are fence fighters will be held liable for all damage caused to our facility and any injury that the dog may inflict upon itself while engaging in this behavior.


What if my dog is a fence jumper or climber?

Clients who board dogs that jump or climb fences must inform us at the time that reservations are made, and again when the dog is dropped off, as special arrangements must be made to house these dogs. We will not be held liable should the dog escape when clients fail to provide us with this information during reservations AND when the dog is checked-in. Dogs that climb or jump fences shall not be provided with the “cage-free” service as cage-free entails limited supervision.


What if I had to end my vacation early and pick up my pet sooner than planned?

We understand that things happen that cause plans to change. In the event that you return home early, any remaining balance for early return pick-ups will be credited to your account for future boarding needs.


How long can my pet board at Dragonfly, do you offer discounts for long-term boarding?

Boarding can be indefinite if you wish, as long as we are pre-paid for each 30 days. There is a 14% discount for every 30-day stay, but these visits must be prepaid and we must have a credit card on file so that we can charge the boarding expense every 30 days.


I’m boarding my pet for the first time, what should I expect?

We will have you fill-out boarding profiles for your pet(s), be sure to bring a copy of your pets current vaccinations or fecal tests, dogs will have to undergo an evaluation. We will then introduce your pet to the cottage were they will adjust quickly to our boarding facility, our staff and routines. Feeding, cleansing, exercise, and caretaker monitoring are all scheduled events that bring order and structure to the boarding environment.


Our Standard feedings are in the morning and again in the late afternoon, if requested we will make additional feeding as requested for your pet.

Also, we routinely quiet the facility down after closing hours (after 7 PM) to give the pet’s adequate rest and comfort.


Can all my pets stay together in the same cottage?

Yes, but only if they are of the same species, we will accommodate your wishes and board your pets together in the same cottage, as space allows. However; only three cats can be boarded together in one condo.


Do you give discounts for multiple pets?

We can offer you up to half off the rate of the second and, if applicable, third pet, as long as they are the same species.


Do you require a deposit in advance of a boarding visit?

Only the Miniature Equine boarding at Dragonfly is required to have advance deposits for boarding reservations. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to arrival date (in advance). Since so many of our customers rely on us to provide advance, verified reservations before they can finalize their family vacation or business travel plans, we must ensure that every reservation we accept is “real”, and highly likely to occur. It would be unfortunate to have to upset a family's vacation plans because of lack of available space, and then come to find that we could have accommodated them all along, because of late cancellations.


What is your cancellation policy?

We realize that plans do change, and wish to accommodate all of our client's needs. So, we require a 48 hour advance cancellation of the scheduled arrival date.


What are your business hours?


Dragonfly Pet Boarding is open

10a.m. to 4p.m. Sundays;

7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. Monday – Friday;

CLOSED Saturdays;


Late pickup is available by prior appointment. 



Where is my pet going to go to the bathroom when in your care?

Dragonfly boarding facility is highly sanitary and safe. Dogs in our care will eliminate in the outdoor exercise run of their cottage courtyard, or in designated areas of our indoor play arenas. These areas are well suited for this purpose, and are regularly sanitized. Our highly trained staff continuously monitors all elimination and consumption behavior, which is noted on each pet's report card.


Can my pet have their favorite toys while boarding with Dragonfly?

Your pets may have one or two toys to play with in their cottage during their stay. If you bring toys from home, be sure to mark them with permanent ink with your last name, we will do our best to return all toys. Occasionally, a toy may be lost during a playtime or cleaning. If you prefer not to bring toys from home, rest assured we have an abundance of pet safe. Interactive, sanitized toys your pet can choose from.

We request that you not bring in any of your pet's bedding for their boarding visit. We provide comfortable and sanitary bedding for all our pet guests. Pets can be highly possessive of their personal bedding, and may become agitated when our staff removes the bedding for sanitizing, which, for the health of all our pet guests, we must do each day. Also, we don't want blankets or other fabrics to get caught up or wrapped around the pet, which might cause them harm. Our bedding is hypoallergenic, safe and comfortable.


My pet is on a special diet, can I bring in my own food?

Our planned premium meal program consist of precisely portioned feedings of a high quality, premium nutrition pet food. However, if your pet requires a special diet, we encourage you to bring their food when boarding. Our trained caretakers will follow your instructions to make sure your pet follows his regular diet.


Can my pet get lost on a field trip or nature walks?

Dragonfly uses GPS technology to track the pets while on their daily walks or field trip destinations.  All pets that are unpredictable will be kept on a least for all walks. Our pet care staff fill out a daily report card for each pet. This report card is an accounting of your pet’s care including walks, meals, playtime and anything that is of a concern to the pet care staff.

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