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Are you going on a trip and don’t have anywhere 

to leave your pet?            


Fed up with asking a relative or friend to help you out by caring for your 

pet reptile, amphibian, or bird? 


Do you want specialized care for your cat or dog that a kennel, cattery, pet minder, house sitter 

or vet boarding facility just can’t offer?


We care for all pets while you're on holiday, working out of town, or just want a rest.                 


It’s always stressful when you leave town and have to leave your beloved pet behind. Plus, most boarding facilities know very 

little about the special needs of birds or small animals. Here at Dragonfly Exotic Boarding we spend a great deal of time giving 

attention to every pet that boards with us. 


Once you see how much fun your pet can have while staying with us,

you will understand what "Cage Free Boarding" is all about!


All pets at Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding are treated as Very Important Pets (VIPs) with the following services:



 =>Twice daily scheduled "cottage service" with individually prepared meals (your food or ours).

 =>Four potty breaks with individual or group playtimes in our outdoor grassy yards or indoor arenas for yucky days.

 =>Puppies and new members of our pack are taken outside every hour for a bathroom break.

 =>Daily in-cottage animal themed shows on LCD monitors.

 =>Radiant heated floors in family style cottages.

 =>Family style cottages with super soft Kuranda dog beds with fiberfill mattresses and designer microfiber covers.  

 =>Orthopedic beds with memory foam for senior pets.

 =>Petchatz (like skype for pets) from anywhere in the world.



We offer pet boarding, domestic pet training, pet grooming, and pet day care.


We also offer specialized custom ecosystem terrariums & vivariums for our reptile and amphibian guests. 


We are honored to have the opportunity to care for your beloved family member at Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding.









  Here is a list of pets we cater to: 




























Each pet is housed in luxury cottages that are equipped with refrigerators that will keep produce fresh, and we have plenty of 

room to store any pellet or dry foods you would like to bring for your pet to eat. We shop daily for fresh fruit and grow some of 

our own organic veggies. We weigh all boarders daily to make sure everyone is eating well and encourage reluctant pets to eat. 











Personalized attention and recreational activities are designed to keep each pet active. Whether needing to board your pet for a 

few hours, nights, weeks or month or two a stay at the “Dragonfly Pet Village” is a vacation experience pets never forget. 



 a la carte Services

Give your pet the vacation they deserve by adding optional services to their stay. The optional Services listed below are a la carte in addition to standard boarding charges. Discounted optional service packages are available.



  • Summer Swim Time: 60 minutes in small groups mid-day romp in our spacious summer doggy swim pool with cool fresh water.  

  • Winter Pit Time: 60 minutes in small groups mid-day romp in our spacious winter play pit with balls or soft foam.                           

  • Summer Fun Time: 60 minutes in small groups mid-day romp in our spacious summer foam pit with lots of bubbles.           

  • Summer Maze Fun: 60 minutes in small groups mid-day romp in our spacious summer inflatable doggie maze.                                

  • Quiet Time Snuggle/Play: 10 minutes one-on-one or small group (3) on the couch with one of our caretakers with treat in the "Snuggle and Play Pod”.                                                                                        

  • Bedtime Tuck-in Treat: 5 minute tuck-in service, one-on-one cuddle, treat, and rub/brush in their Cottage or Den.                           

  • Nighttime stimulating puzzle toy: filled with peanut butter, cookies or crunchy kibbles for your pet to uncover during down time will help pass the time for those pets who love to stay busy. 

  • Frozen ice cream treat: soy-based ice cream for dog or cat.   

  • Room Service: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner your choice; see menu.  

  • Daycare Meals: Breakfast, Lunch your choice; see menu.        

  • Friday Movie Mutt Night: see current movie listing.               

  • Aromatherapy: pet-appeasing pheromones spritzed on the bed to ease, soothe and calm your pet under stress.                                                               



We welcome owners to view and inspect the premises before boarding their pet(s). 


Call and schedule a tour!

*We do not except pet tarantulas or insects of any kind with the exception of feeder crickets and/or meal worms. 



Dragonfly Boarding facility is very popular, reservations are required for all our boarders so we recommend you facilitate your 

drop-off by Calling the office to arrange a drop-off time in advance to minimize your wait. 


You may also download and fill out the intake Forms HERE and bring them with all current vaccination forms



For your convenience we offer Pet Shuttle Home/Work Pick-up Service where all pet-friends travel securely in airline approved 

pet carriers.  










Drop-off and pick-up times for boarding (except for Saturday’s & Major Holidays)


Drop-off times:

Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 6:00pm 
Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm 

Pick-up times:

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm 

Saturday - CLOSED NO DROP-OFF/PICK-UPS                                                                             

Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm 


Holiday Hours:
The boarding facility is CLOSED every SATURDAY and Major Holidays, but we never stop caring for your pets. There are no tours 

on Saturday or Holidays.


Memorial Day Weekend 

Independence Day  

Labor Day Weekend

Thanksgiving Day 

Christmas Day 

New Year’s Eve 



What makes us different from other boarding facilities in Alaska?


=>Certified Veterinary Technician supervision of entire facility and 24 hour availability of Veterinary Hospital to evaluate and treat any medical issues that may develop while in our care.


=>Certified Animal Care Technicians and Kennel Technicians make rounds daily to check on all pets.


=>Outstanding Pet Care University trained and certified staff.


=>Radiant heated floors and luxury bedding in Destinated Pods and Cottages.


=>All dogs/equine are temperament tested and all rates include multiple outdoor group or individual playtimes.


=>Petchatz (like skype for pets) from anywhere in the world.


=>Advanced air handling equipment including State of the Art Carrier micro filtration unit to prevent transmission of airborne disease.


=>Well designed and open cattery with kitty paradise atrium.


=>Emergency backup generator for your pets' safety to maintain heat and air exchange in case of electrical failure.


=>Scientifically designed "DogTV, BirdTV & CatTV" broadcasts in Destinated Pods and Cottages to soothe and entertain your pet.


=>Paradise playroom with home like decor for indoor cuddling and individual attention with Animal Care Technicians.


=>Open six days a week with evening hours Sunday thru Friday to meet your drop off and pick-up schedule, CLOSED on Saturdays.


=>Frequent pet priority points earn credits on your account for future stays. 


=>Pet Passport tracks your pets' "travel adventures" while you are away to earn free services.


=>Online reservation request system allows you to make reservations at any time of day or night.


=>Pet Health Warranty covers any unexpected minor medical issues that may develop to minimize unexpected health care costs.



Dragonfly Loyalty Rewards & Pet Passport Programs

                                           At Dragonfly Pet Boarding we appreciate our loyal clients and have designed two reward                       programs as our way of saying “thanks for your support!”


 LOYALTY REWARDS POINTSYou will automatically accumulate loyalty rewards points every time your pet uses one of our services. With each stay, spaw package, or daycare you will be awarded .5 loyalty reward points for every dollar spent. After 1000 loyalty reward points earned you will receive a $24 credit on your account to be applied to your next visit.


 PET PASSPORTIn addition to Loyalty Rewards Points, pets who board with us will be issued a Pet Passport at the end of  their first stay. This souvenir keepsake will be complete with personalized pet information, picture and Visa stamp. You will then be awarded an additional Visa stamp with each boarding stay and will receive free rewards, goods, and services once Ten stamps are collected. Please ask at our desk for current rewards offers.




  Since we have a limited number of “guest spaces” available for our boarding pets, you’ll need to call ahead to reserve a spot. 

  Holidays and Summertime can get pretty busy, so plan accordingly, make your arrangements in advance!












     You can rest assured that your pet will be fed, cleaned, and taken care of 7 days a week 24 hours a day.



  • For the ultimate experience in cage-free pet boarding, be sure to schedule a visit to tour 

  • Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding. 


* Cats

* Dogs

* Ferrets

* Rabbits

* Chinchillas

* Hedgehogs

* Guinea Pigs


* Exotic Birds (except raptors)

* Amphibians - frogs, toads, walking fish, lizards

* Small Reptiles - lizards, turtles

* Aquatic Pets - beta fish, gold fish, glo fish

* Invertabrates - snails, hermit & fiddler crabs

* Small Marsupials - sugar gliders, squirrls

* Small Rodents - rats, gerbils, jirds, hamsters, mice, degus

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