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Miniature Horse Boarding

Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding Ranch is conveniently located in the Valley, we are a full care miniature equine boarding facility. Rates include hay, automatic waters, turn-outs and stalls cleaned every morning and evening. 


We offer a 25% multi equine discount.


We see the “Big Picture” but we also understand how important mini equines are; our boarding minis are fed twice a day, medications and supplements are always given consistently, water buckets are washed daily and filled as often as needed. Blankets are washed and changed, bell boots put on, fly spray applied, and minis are head-to-hoof inspected at let in, and a final “bed check” and watering is done for the night.


We believe the most stress free world for minis is one that most closely mirrors their natural environment. Miniature equine were not meant to spend 23 hours a day in stalls. In the wild, mini horses roam free and bond with their herd, which is what they do here also. All of our minis receive daily turn-outs in pastures in compatible groups. Miniature horses should be treated like horses so we endeavor to provide as much space as possible so your mini equine can enjoy life in the great outdoors.


We also offer blanket service, special feeding instructions, and turn-out 7 days per week.


Our ranch has individual tack-lockers for each mini's personal belongings. Rates vary depending on what you prefer so please check out our rates or text us with any questions.  


Minis can be turned-out as many times a week as you would like, each mini is boarded in its own stall for their safety and comfort.


We strive to offer our equine friends the best possible care. We make sure our hay, most of which is home-grown, is kept fresh and nutritious.


At our boarding ranch we nurture your mini. The balance of tradition and innovation as well as the expertise and professionalism of our staff come together to allow your mini to flourish.


Our Facilities

In addition to regular use of our facilities, your board also includes the following services and conveniences:


  • Stalls and aisles are cleaned daily.

  • Water buckets are emptied and fresh water added throughout the day.

  • Supplements provided by owner, fed daily.

  • Hay fed up to two times each day.

  • Minis are blanketed during the winter and bad weather as needed.

  • Minis get turned-out every day (except in cases of inclement weather or if a mini is on stall rest).

  • Facilities open at 8:30 a.m. Sunday - Friday, we are closed every Saturday.

  • 24 hour surveillance cameras on the premises.

  • Gated property.

  • Open 6 days a week.

  • Daily board during foaling - text for rates.

  • Daily boarding (mare w/foal) - text for rates


        We have the facilities and experience for foaling out mares. Please contact us for availability and pricing.




Boarding Services & Amenities






                                                     All boarders are required to follow the health program, which includes regular worming                                                               and vaccinations. Owners may choose to have vaccinations given by their own                                                                                 veterinarian or by our boarding veterinarian. The cost of vaccinations is not included in                                                                 board.




Pastures & Pens:




                                                    The indoor arena is 60 X 124 with large operable windows with a high ceiling to maximize                                                             light and ventilation.





                                                   The outdoor ring is 100 X 110 with access directly from the indoor arena.





                                                    Minis are turned-out to socialize in small same sex groups seven days a week for fresh air and                                                     plenty of sunshine.                                            









  A Mini Walking Trail & Outdoor Turn-out:


                                                          Just steps from the stable your mini will be taken for scenic walks through the pastures                                                                 and trails that lead around the ranch.





                                                        We believe that turn-out is important for a mini’s physical and mental health. Unless an                                                               owner requests otherwise, we turn-out every morning after feed up to 12 hours daily                                                                     (weather permitting). Turn-out groups of no more than 4-5 minis of the same sex per pen in                                                         each pasture on a rotation schedule.








                                                        We have twelve 8 x 8 stalls for single mini occupancy, and two of the twelve stalls have                                                                 removable divider to enlarge a single stall to 8 x 12 in the case of a mare and foal, each                                                                   stall has Dutch doors that open to individual runs assuring light and proper air circulation.


                                                        Each stall is layered with gravel for drainage and rubber mats for comfort. We use saw                                                                   dust/wood shavings as bedding and the stalls are cleaned daily.


Indoor Wash Stall:



                                                        Our indoor wash stall is designed with comfort of the horses in mind. It features large,                                                                   double-door access to the outside, cushioned rubber mats to help relieve leg fatigue, plus a                                                         floor drain and sink for easy cleanup.




Feed Room:           


                                                         We purchase feed blended locally so it is incredibly fresh when it gets to the ranch. Owner                                                            supplied supplements are fed once or twice a day (as requested). We recommend                                                                            SmartPaks for people feeding two or more supplements.


                                                         Each miniature equine has a different feeding requirement depending on preference, age                                                            and work load. We offer a variety of feeds, like "grain" products, from sweet feed, to a                                                                    complete feed (pellet form) and senior feed. An appropriate portion of grain and timothy                                                              hay will be fed to your mini twice a day.


                                                         We have a feeding station for each stall to assure any supplements or medications your                                                                mini requires are properly administered. Several worming options are also available. 






Tack Room:





                                                       Your mini  will be assigned an individual tack-locker storage area large enough to            

                                                       accommodate your tack and supplies. 










Blanketing Service:




                                                        Winter blanket changes as needed, we will remove blanket or sheet during the day &                                                                     blanket at night, included in boarding.










                                                    Dragonfly Exotic Pet Boarding’s owner oversee day to day activities at the ranch. Staff is                                                               carefully selected for their equine management experience and for their love of working                                                               with animals. We do not provide trailering services, however; we can recommend local                                                                   transportation services for those who do not have their own trailer or cannot find another                                                           ride for their mini.

                         Enjoy Several Acres                        Every Stall Has a Run

                                  One Round Pen                                                                 Twelve Single Mini Stalls with Runs

                                  One Indoor Arena                                                            Stalls can expanded to Larger Stall

                                  Three Outdoor Arenas                                                    Four Built-in Full Tack Lockers

                                  Several Acres of Turn-out Fields                                  Four Built-in Small Tack Cabinets

                                  On-site Trail for Leisurely Walk with Your Mini      Three Multi-horse Pastures with Shelters 

Mini Equine Boarding Fees

Pastures with Shelters                                                                              $300 per month                     $10 daily

Standard 8x8 Stall with Run (one mini)                                                $450 per month                     $15 daily

Large 8x12 Stall with Run (two minis - mare/foal)                            $675 per month                     $23 daily

Foaling Service (in addition to board) plus vet fees                          $300 to foal out mare

Extra bedding by load                                                                                $10 per lbs.

Holding for Farrier, vet, or brand inspection supervision               $20 per hour

Repairs to facilities (time & materials)                                                 $30 per hour

Late fee                                                                                                          $25   plus   1.8%



INCLUDES:                                  Cleaning twice a day                                 

                                                          Shavings once a week

                                                          Farrier Trims once every six to eight weeks

                                                          Feeding two times a day

                                                          Supplements dispensed

                                                          Medications once per day

                                                          Additional feeding three or more times a day: $3.25 per feeding

                                                          Additional medications two or more times a day: $2.50 per day



Alfalfa fed twice daily, Orchard grass once a day included in the monthly board fee.


                                                  SUBSTITUTE TIMOTHY HAY

                                      One flake per day                        $36.00 per month + regular board

                                      Two flakes per day                      $73.00 per month + regular board

                                      Three flakes per day                   $142.00 per month + regular board

                                      Four flakes per day                     $213.00 per month + regular board


                                                         OTHER SERVICES

          Group Turn-outs                7 days a week                       -                                    no charge

          Solo Turn-outs                    7 days a week                       -                                    no charge

          Blanketing                              As Needed                          -                                    no charge

          Fly-masks                             7 days a week                       -                                    $10 a month

          Splint Boots                            As Needed                          -                                    $10 a month

All prices are subject to change with thirty day notice. 


Equine Activity is inherently dangerous and equines have: a) the propensity of the animal to behave in ways that may result in injury, harm, or death to persons on or around them; b) the unpredictability of the animal's reaction to outside stimulation such as sounds, sudden movement, and unfamiliar objects, persons, or other animals; c) collisions with other animals or objects; d) or the potential of a participant to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to the participant or others, such as failing to maintain control over the animal or not acting within his or her ability. An equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.



=> Health Certificate not over 2 weeks

=> Negative Coggins Test, within past 12 months

=> Four Way, Rabbis and West Nile vaccinations within the past year

=> Worming within the last 30 days

=> Complete and sign Boarding Contract

=> Acknowledge 30 day written notice 

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